Code of Conduct

Enumerated hereunder is the Code of Conduct to be adhered to by the employees, which shall form part of the service conditions of employment in addition to others noted in any other documents or practiced hitherto.

Company Rules and Policies

To comply in letter and spirit with the rules and regulations of the Company which are in force or that may be laid down from time to time and be a role model in following them. Employees are expected to maintain punctuality and regularity while attending the office and discharge of duties.

Duty to act in good faith

To act in `bonafide manner’ in the interest of the Company, keeping in mind the credibility and integrity of the operation.

Duty to acquire Skill and Perform with Care

The employees have to exercise reasonable skill and care by using the potential, which they have by virtue of their qualifications & experience and shall perform in a professional manner.

In order to meet the competing business environment, they are expected to acquire and maintain professional competence by upgrading their skill and knowledge regularly in their respective areas.

Executives shall be the role models in setting standards for appropriate levels of competence and for striving to achieve the high standards.

Health Care & Physical Fitness

Employees shall maintain their physical fitness and good health for performing the assigned duties effectively.

Respect the Whole time employment Concept

Employment with this Company is the `whole time employment’ during the stipulated working hours, after working hours, during holidays and when the employees are on leave. Employees shall not hold part time positions or directorships outside the company.

Honesty, Integrity and Fair Play

To display a high degree of honesty and integrity in their business dealings and avoid any personal gains. Business strategies adopted by them shall be fair and aimed at highlighting the Company’s status. To show consistency in their approach and avoid bias in their dealings.

Customer Orientation

To meet customer’s demands within the framework of the Company policies. Where it is felt that the policies are to be reviewed in the larger interest of the Company, it can be highlighted to their superiors.


Employees shall at all times both during their association with the Company and afterwards, keep all matters relating to the affairs of the Company in confidence which will help to maintain the Company’s image.

The following amongst the other related matters require confidential approach:

  • JV Plans and Agreements
  • Business Plans
  • Working results (prior to formal release)
  • Specifications, Drawings and Layouts
  • Practices / Policies relating to Marketing, Purchasing, Manufacturing
  • Design & Drawing / Process, Finance, HR
To ensure Safe Custody

To maintain proper control and custody over the Company’s property entrusted to them and to ensure that these are not used by unauthorized persons.The property to be maintained amongst others includes assets, drawings, documents, agreements etc.

Co-ordination and Team Work

To ensure effective communication with all functions in achieving the business plans and to maintain close co-ordination and co-operation with all functions and take necessary steps to work as a team aimed at benefiting larger interests of the Company.

Given this background, employees are required to work as a team and exhibit cooperative and collaborative approach irrespective of the functions / levels and practice healthy mode of communication and exercise tolerance in dealing with the team members.

Conflict of interest

To assess such situations and which may cause conflict of interest and make full disclosure of the same to their superiors. The following situations, which are illustrative and not exhaustive, may create conflict of interest.

Dealing with relatives / friends or show undue interest with particular reference to:
  • Offering employment
  • Contracting for services
  • Purchasing assets or materials
  • Appointing sub-contractors / distributors / agents
  • Relaxing of terms and conditions subsequent to contract
  • Accepting gifts /other forms of benefits
Compliance with Law

To ensure compliance with the letter and spirit of different legislations pertaining to their area of operation. Any favourable interpretation of statute, which is not as per its letter and spirit has to be disclosed to the Management before acting upon it.

Not to associate with competitors

The employees shall not associate with the competitors in any manner what so ever. Employee shall not seek employment with direct competitors on leaving the services of the Company at least for a minimum period of 2 years.

To maintain the Trade Secrecy

The employees shall not discuss trade secrets such as pricing policy, contract terms, costs/prices, inventories, product plans, market surveys/studies, production plans, capacities/capabilities/expansion plans, manpower related details or any other confidential information with competitors/outsiders not authorized to have such information. Same is applicable in case of customers also who are not entitled to such information.Any information pertaining to the business / operations details of the company will have to be protected by the employees without disclosure in any kind or form to any third party. This includes quotes by any vendor who applies / bids for any business transaction.


There could be occasions when employees may commit mistakes by misunderstanding of a particular problem/situation. The employees are to own the same and inform to higher authorities so as to ensure that the consequences are minimized as quickly as possible.

Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs

The employees shall not consume alcohol and take drugs while coming to the work and during the working hours. Employees shall comply with the regulations and follow the general laws of the country. Employees shall maintain decorum and high standards of conduct in public places.

Refrain from Misrepresentation

To refrain from the use of false, misleading or deceptive marketing or advertising practices which may result in the degradation of the professional and ethical image, or companies’ image or injure the professional image of the colleagues.

Employees shall not submit false or fraudulent documents for getting monetary benefits or otherwise.

Disclosure of Financial Interest

Employees shall have to declare their financial or other interests in any capacity in any company/firm or with individuals who have dealings with this Company. In the event of themselves acquiring or becoming interested in future in such a company or partnership/firm or with individuals they should immediately disclose the same to this Company. Employees shall desist from commercial lending / borrowing from colleagues and from any kind of lending / borrowing from customers, suppliers etc., Employees shall not hire / utilize the services facilities of any of the vendors / suppliers of the company for their personal use. Employees shall not use any of the facilities of the vendors.

Copy Rights / Patent

Employees should understand that all inventions, improvements and discoveries including the software made by them alone or with any other employees will become the property of the company. The employees shall ensure that patent protections are obtained for such inventions, improvements & discoveries made either in India or elsewhere and assign the same to the company. Employees also shall ensure that there is no violation of copyrights, patents, trade secrets and the terms of license agreements are prohibited.


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