Enumerated hereunder is the Code of Conduct to be adhered to by the employees, which shall form part of the service conditions of employment in addition to others noted in any other documents or practised hitherto.

Company Rules and Policies

To comply in letter and spirit with the rules and regulations of the Company which are in force or that may be laid down from time to time and be a role model in following them. Employees are expected to maintain punctuality and regularity while attending the office and discharging of duties.

Duty to act in good faith

To act in a `bonafide manner' in the interest of the Company, keeping in mind the credibility and integrity of the operation.

Duty to acquire Skill and Perform with Care

The employees have to exercise reasonable skill and care by using the potential, that they have by virtue of their qualifications & experience and shall perform professionally.

To meet the competing business environment, they are expected to acquire and maintain professional competence by upgrading their skill and knowledge regularly in their respective areas.

Executives shall be role models in setting standards for appropriate levels of competence and for striving to achieve the high standards.

Health Care & Physical Fitness

Employees shall maintain their physical fitness and good health for performing the assigned duties effectively.

Respect the Whole time employment Concept

Employment with this Company is the `whole-time employment' during the stipulated working hours, after working hours, during holidays and when the employees are on leave. Employees shall not hold part time positions or directorships outside the company.

Honesty, Integrity and Fair Play

To display a high degree of honesty and integrity in their business dealings and avoid any personal gains. Business strategies adopted by them shall be fair and aimed at highlighting the Company's status. To show consistency in their approach and avoid bias in their dealings.

Customer Orientation

To meet customers' demands within the framework of the Company policies. Where it is felt that the policies are to be reviewed in the larger interest of the Company, it can be highlighted to their superiors.




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