Apart from delivering the best in class Infra facilities, ascend has been delivering these with economics that meets the business plans of their customer. Supporting their philosophy to provide clean energy, Grid utilization by Ascend is the highest in the Industry.

Implementing their excellent technology lead, Ascend has been relying on renewable solar Power to augment the shortage from the grid. Over 2MV of solar power installations are currently working in most sustainable and grid-starved regions of the country. Energy Automation ensures efficient sharing of power demand through Grid, and solar with minimal impact on diesel consumption.


Ascend has been expanding throughout rural India, providing the very essential infrastructure backbone to the Network operators in the country. Considering the limited availability of the grid and its quality in many parts of the country, deployment of DG sets is unavoidable for uninterrupted power. To decrease the impact of these on the surrounding Ecosystems like Noise and Air Pollution, ascend employs Silent and super silent Generators, which are certified for sound levels before permitted thresholds. Many rural communities, who are very sensitive to noise like the North Eastern states, have appreciated these initiatives from Ascend in meeting this corporate social responsibility.


Storage systems play a critical role in telecom sites, for providing uninterrupted power to customer Equipment. They improve the energy management efficiency of the site by storing and reducing the consumption from Grid and generator. These are tailored to site conditions and hence, many different forms like VRLA, Flooded Lead-acid, and Lithium Ion Batteries are employed, by selecting according to the site condition. Ascend has been a leader in bringing the highest efficiency in the storage system through site automation, highly skilled field manpower and remote management. Ascend continues its exploration to exploit concurrent technology to provide quality power at the cheapest costs.

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