Reduction of GHG Emissions using Science-based Targets

Our aim is to reduce environmental impact by actively pursuing to lower our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by adopting to the rollout of Non-Dg cell sites, converting existing DG sites into Gas DGs, reduction of diesel usage, solarisation of sites, and deploying efficient battery storage system. The carbon footprint generated through our sites is a part of our service to telecom operators with unpredictable electric grids. In our effort to reduce scope 1 emissions, we make it possible for our customers to reduce their scope 2 and 3 emissions, meeting our emissions reduction goals. Our goal is to reduce direct scope 1 and indirect scope 2 GHG emissions by marginal reduction against a 2021 baseline.

Carbon Neutralisation-Tree plantation

Tree planting will help to curb the greenhouse emission and cool the earth’s temperature. It’s a way to bring in carbon neutralisation. We have planted 100 thousand trees in 2022 and have resolved to plant 50 thousand trees year on year. Our tree plantation is aimed at creating an ecosystem wherein local community is able to generate economical support and become self reliant.

  • Trees contribute to our health and well-being in several ways. They absorb odors and pollutant gases and can reduce rates of asthma due to improved air quality.
  • Tree planting will help to curb greenhouse emissions and cool the earth’s temperature. It’s one way to reduce energy
  • Tree plantations will generate employment in nearby rural communities..
  • Trees help to mitigate climate change by storing carbon and releasing oxygen into the air. They filter and clean the air we breathe and help prevent water pollution.
  • Trees also create needed habitats for plants and animals. Many animals make their homes in trees promoting biodiversity.




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