Our Commitment

At Ascend Telecom, the health and safety of our employees takes prime importance. Health refers to a state characterised by good health and happiness.

Scope and Applicability

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, contractor, customers and visitors at our premises (Corporate, Circles and warehouses). We also extend our commitment across our value chain through our partners and suppliers.

Material Aspects of our business

At Ascend Telecom circle or corporate locations, occupational health impacts arising from the nature of work environment are key material aspects. Primary among these are ergonomic, health impacts, communicable diseases, food and safety and business travel safety.

With respect to our supply chain

Identification and control of risks arising out of unsafe occupational environments and work practices are material aspects. These include issues like health & safety impacts arising out of improper/ non-use of protective personal equipment and unsafe handling of materials, uninformed and unsafe travels and others.


The CHRO, reporting to the CEO, assumes primary responsibility for effective, efficient and safe operations at Ascend Telecom premises worldwide, legal compliance, including health and safety.He is supported by the location and geography heads who drive health and safety programs, and legal & compliance teams at their respective locations/geographies.

Additionally, all employees in their respective capacities as individuals, managers and functional owners are responsible for maintaining and promoting a safe and healthy workplace.Health and Safety aspects are integrated into the corporate governance structure, and the Audit, Risk and Compliance committee oversees this..




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